4 Common Misconceptions of Online Female Entrepreneurship

Morgan Tyner

No one’s journey to online entrepreneurship looks exactly the same. There’s no one-stop shop to bring you a 6-7 figure earning online business overnight.

Some women have a great network of friends (or business partners) who help light the path and provide critical guidance along the way. While others JUMP IN completely on their own, without knowing what to expect or much support at all.

But, no matter the circumstances we fall under, as female entrepreneurs, we both still share a common root and origin.

Can you guess that root/origin? 

We each took real action and kept moving forward down our path to entrepreneurship - no matter the roadblocks. We have not given up.

Many of us may have even stopped & started on a number of occasions, too, right? This growth pattern is so commonly found amongst any woman paving her own path of real freedom, full control, and complete financial independence.

So, what’s the true “secret path” to success? Well, it’s that we each keep going --- even in the face of scary uncertainty, strong self-doubt, and unfortunate setbacks along the way. We fall in love with the actual process.

Think about what’s truly possible in your life when you just stop overthinking, starting + stopping (out of fear), etc. and simply CREATE and DO?

For example: Imagine a 15 year old girl named Mila whose mom always makes her practice writing skills (every day) after school. Even though she enjoys writing, she eventually gives it up. Why? Because it isn’t always convenient to practice her writing skills. In order to be consistent with her practice, she has to make real sacrifice(s) (like spending time with friends) in order to stay dedicated to her forward-moving growth as a writer. So, after a while, Mila decides it really isn’t worth the sacrifice. She’s also scared that she’ll never be that great of a writer, anyways -- so why even dedicate real time in practicing?

Haven’t so many of us fallen into this roadblock? This roadblock of thinking that we are just not enough or curating our own online business is simply too much for us to handle? We feel it asks too much of us.

In the root of those defeated thoughts (the same thoughts Mila was feeling) we can identify one very common misconception. Can you guess that first very common misconception of online female entrepreneurship?

Yes? No? I’ll tell you! Let’s dive in!

001. You Spend almost ALL time on BUSINESS, 24/7.

Yes, you will have to invest a lot of your time to create, tweak, scale, and mold your online business as a female entrepreneur. But a MASSIVE aspect of being a successful, empowered, female entrepreneur is cultivating real balance.

Do you see how Mila becomes burnt-out? She gives up because she isn’t willing to sacrifice other important parts of her life. Yes, cultivating an online Start-up WILL require sacrifice. However, there should be give-and-take!

Being an online entrepreneur means you never really “leave” the business so-to-speak, right? It’s accessible to you 24/7. So, spending time outside of business is crucial for your long-term wellbeing and self care. It’s okay to take that FaceTime call or schedule that cocktail dinner with a friend. It’s okay to put your phone away at 5PM every day to cultivate genuine, uninterrupted time with your partner and/or kids. It’s okay to take a day OFF to do something else that feeds you - like a fun hobby. In fact, not only is it okay, it’s a necessity. Establishing yourself as a well-rounded, successful female entrepreneur is ALL about true balance. 

002. The bigger your online business, the better.

Which of the following do you think is better...

1,000 or 100,000 subscribers on your email list?

$100,000 or $1,000,000 in gross revenue?

1 online course/product or 10 different online courses/products?

We have a tendency to instinctively believe that bigger is better. However, not only is this not true, it’s a misconception that ends up keeping us road-blocked from taking daily action towards our dream. No matter the size of your audience, you should dedicate time in intentionally taking care of that audience. It doesn’t matter if that audience is 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 people. Word of mouth is still the greatest marketing strategy. Those 10 people whose lives you change (with your online business) will then share their experience with more people. Thus, you will organically grow. It’s the natural flow of events and how people operate.
Plus, obsessing over numbers just makes you become intimidated on how far away you might be from reaching a BIG audience number.

There are plenty of online businesses run by online female entrepreneurs with smaller email lists who actually generate more revenue (and more net profit) than another company who has triple the amount of audience. Also, there are plenty of examples of businesses making 6 and 7 figures with a SINGLE, laser-focused online course. Go here to learn more about female entrepreneurs who are killing it with a simple, clear product/strategy.

So, at the end of the day - bigger isn’t always better.

The key is to start wherever you are instead of wasting time thinking where you could’ve been if you only started 1 year ago. Start now. Start today. Start scared.

Personally, the Kajabi all-in-one platform has allowed me to quickly create a beautifully designed online platform that is laser-focused and simple.

You must take the FIRST step, show up, do the work, and harness the process-driven actions you can control. The positive growth as a female entrepreneur will inevitably follow. But keeping it simple saves you a lot of avoidable headache. Kajabi has given me the fertilizer I need to plant, water, and grow my online business.

Instead of thinking bigger...how can you think smaller?

What’s one simple action-step you can take TODAY to propel your business (and over all dream) forward?

Block out 30 minutes - 1 hour and knock out some action-steps.

Imperfect action always trumps perfect inaction.

003. You only need to network online.

Full transparency: I was totally guilty of believing this misconception when I first dove-in full-time with Blogging & Content Creating (plus now, Coaching).

Yes, we have a vast amount of opportunity --- at the touch of our keyboards --- to establish authentic connections, online. It’s a beautiful blessing that we should not take lightly. We should be so grateful.

But, there is a certain level of networking, connecting, and collaborating that just cannot be accomplished online.

So, how can we accomplish off-line relationship-building as online female entrepreneurs?

Here are a several ways:

  • Local, women in business meetups
  • Coffee dates with entrepreneurs in your area (don’t know any? Use Social Media! I used the hashtag #fairhopebloggers , #mobilealbloggers , etc. to connect with fellow creators in my area)
  • Live niched-down events around the country (or even globe!)
  • Co-host live workshops! (Tips: Make a deal with a local venue for hosting purposes, set a date, spread the news to your local audience, share knowledge you & your co-host have on a specific business topic/strategy for FREE, at the end offer a paid service that will provide them further value. Lastly, thank them for coming. Stick around and chat!) I did a workshop like this for my Online Academy for Bloggers & Content Creators called ChicaAcademy™.
  • Keynote speaking. Know someone who is hosting a live event? Pitch them the opportunity in bringing them more value with your expertise.

The point is, just make sure you’re spending time networking in person, off-line. It will feed your mind, body, and spirit. We are (at least to some extent) wired to be relational.

004. An online business is better for your self-care.

Well...yes and no. It totally depends on you. Yes, the flexibility that comes with working online (anywhere around the world) is amazing! As an entrepreneurial-spirited woman who craves growing her own business, it feels like a massive tree is lifted off you --- once you finally UPROOT and start your online business.

But, even though you don’t have to show up somewhere else for your job (or technically even get out of your pj’s) --- that doesn’t mean everything is automatically flowers and butterflies.

You have to set real boundaries, really soon (i.e, right away). When I first started blogging full-time, I was working all over the place. My kitchen, my bed, my couch, etc. None of these places qualified as my “office”. Why? Because I hadn’t prioritized a designated home office/workspace. Not doing so was really bad for my mental health and productivity.

A study (related to the current 2020 COVID-19 outbreak) in Forbes speaks to this topic. The study says, “Our daily interactions are shown to reinforce our sense of well-being and belonging in a community; and with cities like Los Angeles on lockdown, millions are being forced to not only work from home, but stay at home, as bars, restaurants, and events are closed through March 31. Even in “normal” times, the impact of loneliness and isolation should not be understated; research has shown that it can be “twice as harmful to physical and mental health as obesity.” One study found that for those who normally work remotely, 19% report loneliness. Loneliness is most risky when it is chronic, which, for many who live alone, could become a temporary reality as more and more people are encouraged to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic” (Garin Staglin, Forbes).

I know this virus will eventually ease back and some people will be able to return back to normal non-remote roles. But, for an online female entrepreneur --- working remotely isn’t a temporary setback, it’s simply a way of life. Though we have chosen the digital nomad life, we should never underestimate the value of community (remember misconception #3), workspace respect, and setting boundaries. Your home should still feel like an escape from work and business.

In addition (with this misconception #4), being on a computer most of the day also has its potentially negative repercussions. Have you heard of Blue Light?

“Blue light is defined as visible light ranging from 380 - 500 nanometers, and it also makes up nearly one-third of all visible light! Long story short, the energy that blue light emits can be harmful to your eyes overtime. While the sun is our biggest blue light culprit, it’s important to know that blue light is also commonly found in computer screens, TVs, smart phones, and other digital devices” (Rebelkin.com)

Crazy right? Luckily, we DO have options! I’ve been wearing my stylish Blue Light Blocking glasses for about one year now. Beforehand, I was having really bad headaches, eye-tension, and insomnia. I knew these symptoms were not normal.

I’m so grateful that these glasses are available! I firmly believe they’ve played a BIG contributing factor in the relief of all my negative symptoms.

Snag your own pair for 10% off with my code 'CHICA10' --- you won’t regret it!

So, let’s recap what common misconceptions (of online female entrepreneurship) that we have learned in this blog post!

1. You Spend almost ALL time on BUSINESS, 24/7.
2. The bigger your online business, the better.
3. You only need to network online.
4. Having an online business is better for your self-care.

BONUS TIP: Blue Light Blocking glasses are worth your investment!

I hope this blog post was so enlightening and educational for you as an online female entrepreneur!

My name is Morgan Tyner. I’m originally from Memphis, Tennessee but now I live in Fairhope, Alabama 🌴. I’ve lived short-term all over (including Costa Rica, Chile, +more). I have a multi-cultural family, and this deeply-rooted heritage has formed the foundation for my business with ChicaConfident.com . My blog’s mission is to help entrepreneurially-minded (blogger/content creator) women share their empowering voice via their unique heritage. I seek to enrich, educate, and empower your professional skills, lives, and relationships as an entrepreneurially-minded Chica. My demographic is entrepreneurially-spirited women (specifically bloggers/content creators) who seek to enrich their professional endeavors and create the online business of their dreams!


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