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These are the most lovely glasses. The frames are light, comfortable and they’ve stopped my late afternoon headaches from looking at screens all day. Thank you Rebel Kin!

Needed a reliable pair of blue light glasses for nursing school. So far I'm very satisfied with the style and they do their job!

Lightweight, stylish & blocks out blue light. My headaches have gotten so much better once I started incorporating these into my life!

I love, love, love my 'Audrey' glasses. They fit well, stay put and get lots of compliments. My eyes had been feeling really strained but I noticed a big difference after just one day of wearing them. They're a great conversation starter, and all my friends who I've shown them to now want a pair.

Loving my new blue light blocking glasses from Rebel Kin!

I don’t wear glasses, but I’ve actually been wearing these @RebelKinEyewear glasses throughout my blog-making process that help protect eyes from the blue rays on the computer!

I love these because they ACTUALLY work. The style of these frames are perfect!

I get compliments all the time about these! They are so cuteee and I adore the case too.

These are the most darling things ever! I may never take them off.

I’m obsessed with these! Amazing quality

Love my new blue light glasses

So stylish and i have not had a headache or eye burning since i got them. Now i need different styles :)

High-quality, light and comfortable! I can't wait to order another pair!

I love how lightweight and effective these computer glasses are! Every time I have them on my kids know I mean business, haha. Super classy and well worth the investment.

I love the Bridgette glasses! I have researched blue light computer glasses for the last year but never invested in them, until I found Rebel Kin. They truly do make a difference reducing eye strain and helping you sleep better at night--even if you work right up until bed, like I do. Make the investment in these blue light glasses. You won't regret it.

So far I am loving my purchase! Arrived super quick. After wearing for a few weeks I’ve noted improvement in headaches and blurry vision I was experiencing, highly recommend these!

Honestly—I couldn’t be happier. I am self employed and stare at screens several hours a day. The ‘Audrey’ style is beautiful! They are a little big for my face shape but still look fabulous. They are feather light on my nose and right now after wearing for several hours I am comfortable to the point of actually forgetting that I even have them on. Ty Rebel Kin! I tried many different ones but am happy to say “I found my blue light home”. :)))

The quality was outstanding!!! And my headaches went away after hours of studying and working. Omg I love them! My husband loves it when I wear them ;) will definitely be buying them for Christmas gifts!

Thank you so much for the glasses.

I am the type of person that spends a lot of time researching items I want to purchase. I read the reviews and compare one product to others.I really LOVE these glasses. They truly are light weight, stylish

I will do more business with this owner in the future.

My good purchase to protect my twins eyes.I am really happy